Our Start

Hubworthy.com is a product of Worthy Brands, LLC, a Dallas-based company that was founded in 2013 by Peter Hegi and Doug Hudson to help trusted leaders and influencers connect with their communities, extend their mission, and transform lives.

Our Philosophy

Transformed Lives Change the World – At Worthy Brands, we believe that the world is changed one individual at a time and that individuals are changed and transformed by the most trusted people in their lives. Typically, these trusted individuals are friends and family, church leaders, teachers/professors, coaches, vocational leaders, musicians and/or artists.

Worthy Brands empowers trusted leaders around the world to amplify the transformational impact they have on individual lives—because transformed lives change the world.

We also believe that businesses can and should be win-win enterprises— creating value while creating societal good. We ingrain a conscious capitalism business model into our web platforms. This means we share a percentage of our profits with our clients and/or partners to effect societal good.

Our Team



Peter is an engineer and marketing executive with extensive experience developing and commercializing new products in high growth industries with companies ranging in size from start-up to Fortune 500 businesses. Peter is the Founder and President of Braxton Advisors, a boutique consulting firm that provides marketing services for growth companies. Prior to founding Braxton Advisors, Peter spent over nine years with St. Jude Medical in various senior marketing roles—the most recent role being Vice President of Neuromodulation and Enterprise Connectivity Marketing. Peter holds five U.S. patents and three degrees from Stanford University—a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering, and a Master of Business Administration.



Doug is passionate about building relationships and creating tools and resources that impact lives. As the Founder and President of The Hub—a leading content provider, distributor and web platform in the Christian publishing and event space—he has created and published 13 full length video curriculums, published 15 books, and executive produced over 300 live events featuring leaders like Matt Chandler, Eric Metaxas, Philip Yancey, Tommy Nelson and many others. Doug and Tommy Nelson co-developed The Song of Solomon marriage curriculum, one of the leading Biblically-based marriage preparation and marriage enrichment tools. GoToTheHub.com, another Hub product, is the world’s largest video-on-demand website for Christian curriculum with over 250 titles and enjoys relationships with virtually every major Christian publisher. Earlier in his career, Doug was the founder of Metro Bible Study in Dallas, TX, which at its peak in the 1990s, was the largest young- adult Bible study in the country.