Recently Dr. Michael Haykin introduced our Church History class to author and historian, John Lukacs. I'm glad he did. I've yet to read any of his actual books of history (Five Days in London, The Legacy of the Second War, and thirty others!), but I thoroughly enjoyed this little volume where he reflects on his profession, both its past and future, and especially on the need to see the teaching and writing of history as literature. It's a great book that captures the wisdom of a seasoned scholar.
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For more than sixty years, John Lukacs has been writing, teaching, and reading about the past. In this inspired volume, he turns his attention to the future. Throughout "The Future of History", Lukacs reflects on his discipline, eloquently arguing that the writing and teaching of history are literary rather than scientific, comprising knowledge that is neither wholly objective nor subjective. History at its best, he contends, is personal and participatory. Despite a recently unprecedented appetite for history among the general public, as evidenced by history television programme ratings, sales of popular history books, and increased participation in local historical societies, Lukacs believes that the historical profession is in a state of disarray. He traces a decline in history teaching throughout higher education, matched by a corresponding reduction in the number of history students. He reviews a series of short-lived fads within the profession that have weakened the fundamentals of the field. In looking for a way forward, Lukacs explores the critical relationships between history and literature, including ways in which novelists have contributed to historical understanding. Through this startling and enlightening work, readers will understand Lukacs' assertion that "everything has its history, including history" and that history itself has a future, since everything we know comes from the past.
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