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All across the United States, Protestant churches have forgotten their sacramental roots. The Lord's Supper has often been reduced to an empty memorial if it is even celebrated at all, and the contemporary Protestant church suffers greatly from this lapse.

In Holy Communion in the Piety of the Reformed Church, Hughes Oliphant Old uncovers the central importance of Holy Communion in the Reformed tradition. Beginning with Calvin and moving into modern times, Old pinpoints and explains the most pivotal developments in Reformed eucharistic theology--from the true nature of the communion elements to preparatory services and seasons. Along the way, he shows that our doctrine of the Lord's Supper is not merely an intellectual exercise; it has the profound influence on the church's life and operations--on her piety.

This volume is both a scholarly exploration of Reformed tradition and a pastoral call to the contemporary church to rediscover the most potent truths and edifying practices of our Christian forefathers. In our day of debilitating liturgical innovations, Holy Communion proves yet again that God's truth on any subject is timeless and evergreen. Before we can display Christ fully in our day, we must recover a full commitment to biblical worship--in the Word preached as well as the Word made visible in the Lord's Supper.

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